Custom Printing

Gamestencils Custom Printing

New to Gamestencils, thermal spot color custom printing!
Typical inkjet printing not high enough quality?  Need a piece with screen print quality but nothing is available? short run, single piece?  This is our specialty.  Thanks to our thermal spot color printing process we can print your vector art with screen print quality and vibrance whether you need one or a hunded.  Unlike inkjet printers that use a CYMK process to simulate color our system uses spot colors which lead to 100% solid smooth color without seeing a bunch of tiny dots.   Bright colors, neons and even reflective mirrors can be custom printed.
General cost for printing is 1.00 per inch for up to 4 colors with an additional 50 cents per inch each additional color for customer supplied artwork in vector format.  This format is very typical of arcade and pinball artwork.  A typical 6 color control panel overlay will cost approximately 35.00, which is not the cheapest but the quality will blow you away! 
Some of the various custom possibilities incude:

Reverse print on clear with white backing (yes, we can print white!)

Colored vinyl with printing

Metal decal printing with full color

White over black

Color over mirror reflective

Reflective (think stop sign)

Control panel overlays (we can even do Suede lexan that NO inkjet house can)


Pinball Plastics (with additional laser cutting services)

Backlit inserts

Need that custom marquee or impossible to find repro?  Our process can mount directly to plexiglas or PETG plastics with a look nearly identical to silkscreening to create brand new arcade marqees or pinball plastics.  Even specialty techniques like blocking out can be done (blocking out is when the ink printed blocks ight when backlit which allows the parts not blocked out so shine bright).    Our process is very similar to how screenprinting is done, one color at a time until each color is completed.  Each color is pantone matched prior to printing ensuring a quality match to the desired color.
Please contact us for your printing needs!  Combine our specialized printing with custom laser cut plastics to create that special item you need!