FAC Hercules


We are the curators of the Atari Hercules pinball machine that is placed on location in various places in florida on behalf of the Florida Arcade and Pinball collectors group.  The intent of the game is to promote the pinball hobby and our group with the financial proceeds from the playing of the game going to the house that hosts it and is a not for profit venture.  This page shares with the group the status of the machine, where you can play it, and the usage of the group donated funds.  

Hercules has found a semi permanent home at the Replay Museum in Tarpon Springs,Florida.  Go play him there!

Donations of all kinds are appreciated from members of the FAC.

Past Location(s):

2011 Florida APE pinball show in Miami         

Kelley Latourneau's Avatar Launch Party

2011 GameWarp show in Orlando

2011 The Southern Pinball Festival in Orlando

Current Location:

        Replay Museum!

Future Location:

        Unknown at this time, potentially the 2015 APE show!

Game Needs:

          Fipper buttons rebuilt, 4 star rollovers replaced, right sling switch replaced, bulbs here and there, two displays.

Under Repair:

        Re-lamination of lock down bar.

Upcoming Costs:

       Bottle of MillWax and some bulbs.

Past Costs:

      Travel to SPF  $60.00

      Travel to Miami Florida $50.00 (gas and tolls)

      NOS Shooter and springs     $100.00

      New plexi playfield                $  60.00

      Pinballs                                 $  30.00

      Rubber kit                             $  35.00

     Misc screws and bolts           $  20.00

Current paypal balance: $236.00