Pinshow! The ultimate pinball mod

 The Ultimate Pinball Modification!


Finally, months in development we are announcing  the Pinshow project.  Pinshow is a fast development hardware platform just for pinball designed from the ground up to enhance any pinball game with anything you can dream up.

The Pinshow product consists of a hardware system we've coined 'pinduino' and a myriad of hardware modifications that can be driven by it.  For the first time you can add endless light shows, goals, animated characters and motors and interactivity to a pinball that actually become PART of the game!  The pinduino board directly interfaces with the native power harness of the game and pigtail molexes into both the light and switch matrix connectors giving the system full interactivity to both send and recieve information to both switches and lights.   This in combination with the ease of programming and updating of the open source Arduino platform and FPGA make for an endless variety of possibilities.

Basic installation will involve placing the power and matrix interface board in the backbox of the game using the appropriate harness interface connector cables to go between the Pinshow and whatever manufacturer of pinball you are working with.  From there, a standard ethernet cable is routed from the interface board from the backbox to under the playfield where you mount a satellite driver board making basic installation very simple and requiring no permanent  modifications to the pinball machine.

From there, through the magic of an open architecture the system can monitor any activity in the pinball machine and react to it.  Just imagine being able to add animated robotic characters, gates or lighting that react to newly created goals involving combinations of switch hits or light flashes!  Create your own combination shots, animate your own characters or play your own sounds!  This is the magical part of the Pinshow system.

The satellite driver board will have onboard support for both high and low voltage devices including EL wire, EL sheet, traditional lamps, motors, servos, sensors, gates, LED light strips and even fiber optic tubing!  Use RGB led's and have complete control of the color and pattern spectrum to react to your game.  Just imagine the possibilities.   

The Pinshow pinball modification platform will launch with prebuilt shows for a handful of WPC machines available directly from us but the beauty of an open development platform is seeing what the minds of developers and enthusiasts everywhere come up with and continually provide the community with ever changing and growing modifications.   

Shortly after the initial launch of Pinshow, we plan to introduce a 'Works with Pinshow' program where modders and creatives everywhere can submit a brand new pinball modification's functions to be added to the core library for developers on the platform and using ready to go connections making adding a cool interactive mod a virtually plug and play expansion.

We do not have a ship date but do hope to have prototype boards fabricated within 8 weeks to begin real world testing and development of our first Pinshows for Doctor Who and Creature from the Black Lagoon that will immerse you deeper into the Doctor's world and the hunt for the Creature than ever before.